Social Media Policy

Here’s our current social media policy. We do follow all HIPAA rules and regulations. If you believe we need to add a rule to our page please contact us and let us know. 

Trolling – If you get on our page to just  “troll” us or our followers you are subject to being banned. 

(Periods “.”) – We do allow people to post a comment with just a “.” on some incidents, that being said if these become all our comment feed is we will start deleting them. 

Names – We do not allow the sharing of victim names before next of kin is notified on our page. If a user shares a victim’s name, the comment will be deleted and that person will be banned.

Racism – If a user post any racial slurs or a comment that involves racism, that user will be banned. 

Vehicle Description & Fatality – We do not post vehicles descriptions but they are allowed as long as it’s not a fatality accident. Car/Truck is allowed under a description but the make, model and color of the vehicle is not. Any sharing of this information will cause you to be banned.

Pictures – While the use of pictures is allowed, we DO NOT post pictures from the drivers seat. If you want to take a picture have a passenger take one or pull over and get out of your vehicle to take one. (We will not accept any pictures of patients under the care of the Arlington Fire Department, Arlington Emergency Medical Services, or any other agencies in order to help protect patient identity. A2) We don’t not post pictures of fatality involved incidents.

Ongoing police incidents – We do not post active police incidents, we will post a update when they are resolved due to officer safety. The identity of responders is to be kept confidential, please only refer to agency and unit number when referring to responders.

Thank you for your support & again any questions or concerns please let us know. A1

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