Scanner Definitions 

Priority goes counting up from 1-7 and are typically used by mostly EMS. Arlington fire also uses this system. 

Priority 1- 911 call, lights and sirens, typically “critical” patients. Full arrest, chest pain, stroke, rollover, motorcycle accident, extrication response.  

Priority 2- 911, lights and sirens. Still emergent but not typically life or death situations. 

Priority 3- 911, lights and sirens. Things that are not so much life or death. Lift assists, unconfirmed injuries, stable vitals but need to go to the ER. 


The code system. Typically used by police, some other fire departments also use them- 

Code 3 – essentially like priority 1. Lights and sirens, we need you NOW

Code 2 – similar to priority 2. 

Code 1 – no lights and sirens, but I need a police officer please.


Definitions – 

Companies: term used to describe different fire apparatus. 

Quint: Like a engine but has ladder attached to the top for a ariel fire attack & also carries extrication tools.  

Engine: Vehicle that carries a water tank, ladder, hose, water pump, EMS equipment. 

Truck: Like Quint but usually does not carry water. 

Brush: A four wheel drive truck that is used to access grass fires, or a area that a engine or truck can’t reach. 

Battalion Chief: The chief in charge of area or district. In Arlington they respond in a Chevy Tahoes. 

Command: The person who is in charge of a situation, usually the first truck on scene will assume command until the battalion chief arrives. 

Defensive Fire: There are no firefighters inside the structure and are attacking the fire from outside.  

DOS: Dead on scene. 

Dispatch: Refers to the place for handling a call.  

Primary Search: First search done of a fire, meaning they have searched the building for victims. 

Entrapment: Someone is stuck or trapped.

Extrication: The process of removing someone from the vehicle or object they are stuck in. 

Fire Ground: The area of a fire or incident. 

Hold: Meaning of only a particular fire or EMS units is needed at a scene. ” Engine 3 is on scene of 1 story residential, nothing showing. Hold E3.” 

ETA: Estimated time arrival. 

EMS: Emergency Medical Services 

LZ: The area used for a medical helicopter to land. 

PHI Med 8: Air Medical helicopter that is stationed at MCA. Arlington will use them if a medical helicopter is needed unless they are out of service or on another call. 

MCA: Medical Center of Arlington. 

AMH: Arlington Memorial Hospital

Major Accident: A vehicle accident with people injured. 

MICU:Mobile Intensive Care Unit (Ambulance/Medic) 

Mutual Aid: Agreement with a nearby city that if we need them for a call they will help. Arlington works closely with Pantego, Mansfield & other surrounding cities if we need them or if they need us. 

PAR(Personnel Accountability Record): The battalion chief or command has taken a head count of firefighters on scene and everyone is accounted for. 

RIT(Rapid Intervention Team): A team of firefighters that wait outside incase something happens inside and they are needed to help rescue FF’s. 

Signal 18: Deceased person 

FF: Firefighters

GSW: Gunshot Wound. 

NB: Northbound 

SB: Southbound 

WB: Westbound 

EB: Eastbound

Pt: Patient 

LOC: Loss of consciousness